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Great Sand Dunes

If you want to see the most stunning and mysterious desert there is, you must visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Of all the many national and state parks I have visited, none have left such an impression on me as the Great Sand Dunes.

The featured image, is one I snapped just as I was driving up towards the Park. It was so breathtaking, I had to stop and just take it all in. Absolutely stunning!

The vast dunes and its desolate desert landscape sneak up on you as you drive towards them. In the distance you can see the great mountains so iconic to Colorado and all of sudden you begin to see the dunes taking shape in the foreground. The closer I got, the greater they became.

After stopping for a hardy breakfast, I made an early start up the desert dunes. Short shrubs greet you as you get close on foot. I recommend good sturdy hiking shoes, longer socks, lots of sun block, and lots of water.

As I got closer, I began to hear the sound of flowing water. Right there, at the foot of the dunes, ran a river of freshwater which came on down from the mountains. Before crossing the river, I discovered a friendly tree. Its shade was a welcoming sight, and its long branches extended horizontally and close enough to the ground that I was able to hop right on to one and rest for a moment. It was a dream, really. It was all just so perfect.

Hopping off my good old Entish friend, I walked briskly to the river bank. The water was refreshingly cool. I took off my shoes and walked right across over the soft sand. My feet were perfectly visible under the crystal clear water. It’s depth at the time of my crossing was about one foot. It was a shallow and playful depth.

Getting up the face of the dune was a fun challenge, but easy enough for an amateur. After a few false starts, and a good grip, I found my self dancing along on the surface of another world. As far as the eye could see, vast desert. And on the horizon those beautiful green Colorado mountains, white and blue sky. What awe! What amazement! It is the closest I will ever feel to what Armstrong must have felt when he stepped foot on the moon.

I do hope you have a chance to visit this majestic place. If you enjoyed this post please comment or like. Be well.